Although raised in Texas, the artist's European family background has always been of great influence. Summers spent in museums and in her grandfather's studio inspired her career in the arts. Painting, drawing and photography became part of her daily life. 

After attending The School of Art & Design at University of North Texas the artist launched a web based art gallery selling to patrons and collectors. 

She maintained a long career in the fashion industry working for luxury brands such as Hermes, Christian Dior and Harry Winston. In 2016, the artist founded an arts based collaborative,  The York Street Project in South Dallas. Its mission to help support local artists who do not have access to affordable studio space. She continues to show her work, supporting and collaborating with other arts based organizations such as F.A.C.E. ( The French American Cultural Exchange, located in Paris, France ).


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“My work deals with the human body, specifically the female image.

I am very interested in investigating the body’s functions with various materials. The lines and shapes that form from circulating in the body are a prevailing theme in my work. These images are a direct response to female reproductive health problems I experienced in my early twenties.

I manipulate media in the same manner the body might react physiologically. These images may exhibit congealed paint, clotted lines, distorted shapes or the unorganized flow of fluids. Paint is often applied directly with my hands instead of brushes to convey tissue, fluid or organs. Like the body, my works are multi-layered; some areas are thick-knotted paint, some viscous and translucent. The human body, whether portrayed healthy or ailing, relates to the images found in my work.”